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Additional Tools Icons

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ActiveX Component Wizard Tool

Opens the ActiveX Component Wizard, which can be used to generate Smalltalk interfaces for COM components.

ActiveX Control Browser Tool

Opens the ActiveX Control Browser, which allows you to load various visual ActiveX (COM) controls and to inspect their methods, properties and events.

The browser acts as a simple container in which ActiveX controls can be hosted. It allows you to interactively experience the effect of setting various properties and methods of the control be hosted. It also presents a list of the ActiveX events fired by the control.

Register ActiveX Control

Opening this icon prompts for an ActiveX control DLL or EXE and registers it as a COM server with Windows.

Register Type Library

Opening this icon prompts for an ActiveX control DLL or EXE and registers its associated Type Library with Windows.

Source Browser Tool

Opens the Source Browser, which displays the individual source objects held by packages which are in PAX mode.

PAX mode was introduced to allow Dolphin packages to be split into several different source files that are appropriate for checking into a file based Change Control System (CCS). Using the Source Browser you can determine which of these files have been changed and needs to be checked out, saved and updated back into the CCS.

SUnit Browser Tool

Opens the SUnit Browser onto the entire set of unit test classes available in the image.

The SUnit Browser allows you to run all of the available tests or to choose selected tests and run those individually. You may also choose to run test under the control of the debugger.

The SUnit Browser is a community project written by Jeff Odell. It provides a more advanced user interface over that supplied with the standard SUnit Camp Smalltalk test framework.

SUnit Resource Browser Tool

Opens the SUnit Resource Browser which allows you to manage the resources associated with some SUnit tests.

In this context a resource can be described as something required by a group of unit tests that typically takes a relatively long time to set up and initialise. The SUnit Resource Browser allows you to start and stop resources once, before and after a group of tests are run. This saves executing the lengthy setup (and possibly tear down) phases for every test.

Test Runner Tool

Opens the SUnit Test Runner which allows you run and debug SUnit tests.

The Test Runner presents a fairly basic testing UI. It was designed for portability and, therefore, simplicity. You may prefer to use the SUnit Browser tool to manage your unit tests instead.