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"First evaluated by Smalltalk in October 1972, and by Dolphin in February 1995.

With a bit of luck the answer will be 7."

3 + 4.


Everything above is valid Smalltalk. The green text in quotes is a Smalltalk comment so you don't really need to type this into your Workspace. If you do, though, you will see how Dolphin's dynamic syntax highlighting automatically colours it as you type.

Once you have copied "3+4" to your Workspace, place the cursor on the line and type Ctrl+D or choose Workspace/Display It. You should see the answer 7 displayed at the end of the line. Bravo! You've just compiled and executed your first piece of Smalltalk.

Hit the DEL key to clear the highlighted text before moving onto the next example.

As the comment says, this expression was the first evaluated by Dolphin Smalltalk on 3rd February 1995. The decision to go ahead and create a Windows Smalltalk was taken in January 1995 and development was started on the 30th of that month. Four days later, we had a Smalltalk compiler and virtual machine built in C++ that could compile and evaluate simple expressions. Unfortunately, at that point it was around 500 times slower than the virtual machine you see today!

Remember, to get back to these experiments just choose Help/First Splash in any Dolphin tool window.