Dolphin Smalltalk X6.1 Release Notes
Fix VersionClosed DateNumberSummaryTypeProductFix NotesRelease Notes Notes
6.1 beta 21/8/20082250Walkback when opening new System Browser from existing browser with no class selectedIncorrect FunctionalityDPRO    
6.1 beta 21/8/20082253Double clicking on D6.0 images after installing D6.1 gives "Image Version Mismatch"Incorrect FunctionalityDCEThe FILEVERSION and PRODUCTVERSION for the VM and launcher had been changed to 2008,6,1,0 from 2005,6,1,0. For the time being at least I have restored the latter.  
6.1 beta 21/7/20082251Right click on TestCase class in browsers is very slowIncorrect FunctionalityDCEThe lookup test in ClassDescription>>correspondingTestCase is rather slow. Because the linear searching implementation of UnitTestPlugin>>classUnderTest this has a detrimental effect on the perfomance of context menu clicks oer TestCase subclasses. ClassDescription>>correspondingTestCase now uses £includesBehaviour.  
6.1 beta 21/7/20082252There is no longer a easy way to launch the SUnitBrowser on all the tests in a class or packageIncorrect FunctionalityDCESince the UnitTestPlugin only works on a single (rather than multiple) class selection it no longer seemed appropriate to reinstigate the old Browse Tests context menu commands as these work on multiple class or package selections. Instead I have added an SUnitBrowser toolbar button to the tools which will launch a test browser on the current selection. This works in a similar way to the browseHierarchy and browseSystem commands.  
6.112/31/20072116IconicListAbstract>>selectionState should be using selectionsByIndex (plural) family of messages as otherwise will not restore multiple selectionsIncorrect FunctionalityDCEI notice that Andy has fixed this already  
6.112/31/20072171Opening a System Browser from another browser with selection/focus in categories/variables/protocols filter always opens on ObjectCosmeticDPROJust missing a browseSystem implementation in ClassBrowserAbstract (a copy of that in ClassSelector)  
6.112/31/20072213Drag' and drop icon for dragging methods from method browser is String rather than CompiledMethod iconCosmeticDCEJust change the order of the objects in the collection (bug description is incorrect - there is an object type, CompiledMethod, on the drag & drop objects)  
6.112/31/20072246View Composer view toolbox tab has wrong (string) iconCosmeticDCE    
6.112/31/20072245Support Scintilla "modern" indicators and deprecate old style-byte indicatorsEnhancementDCE    
6.112/31/20072247Support Visa Command Link style buttonsEnhancementDCE    
6.112/24/20072151Float>>asTrueFraction does not handle denormalized numbers (gradual underflow)Incorrect FunctionalityDCEAll fixed, including problem with syntax colouring/parsing of 1.0e-316 in a workspace.  
6.112/24/20072219Compiler does not parse 1.0e-316 correctlyIncorrect FunctionalityDCEBug in CRT: Changed compiiler from using strtod to atoi. Added test coverage to CompilerTest>>testFloatScanning  
6.112/21/20072221Canvas>>#fillRectangle:startColor:endColor:verticalGradient: ignores rectangle originIncorrect FunctionalityDCE    
6.112/20/20072209Tip of the Day popup causes Vista to display a window stating that help is not available for Dolphin (due to missing WinHelp engine)CosmeticDCE    
6.112/20/20072243Sliding back a SlideyInneyOuteyThing under Vista's Aero leaves screen scarringCosmeticDCETemporary fix is to disable the retraction animation if Aero is enabled under Vista. The extension animation can be left in place since it doesn't scar.The slidey's unpin/slide-back animation is disabled when desktop composition is found to be enabled when running on Vista. Slide-out animation doesn't cause any problems.
6.112/20/20072138Provide a public API to allow the configuration of pluggable filters in addition to the package selection in the System BrowserEnhancementDPROTemporary solution is to check whether Aero is enabled under Vista and, if so, disable the SIOT animation as the pane retracts. The extension of a pane can still be animaed since it doesn't scar.  
6.112/20/20072143Allow IdeaSpace configurations to be saved to template (.IST) filesEnhancementDPRO    
6.112/18/20072242Use new Vista themed tree views by defaultEnhancementDCE    
6.112/17/20072239Tidying Up section in First Splash tutorial has typoWalkbackDCEFixed in the Education Centre  
6.112/17/20072240STS Load Package Edition command from Package Browser and PackageSelector should select current packageIncorrect FunctionalityDPROFixed by moving #loadPackageFromRepository from the SmalltalkSystemModel into both PackageBrowserShell and PackageSelector. Had to make minor fixes to the method too.  
6.112/17/20072241Keeping STS and SourceSafe projects in sync can be difficultEnhancementDPROIf connected to an STS repository we always offer the ability to version any package as it is saved.  
6.112/6/20072238UnitTestPlugin for Class and System BrowsersEnhancementDPROAdded UnitTestPlugin  
6.111/6/20071568Selection in System Browser PackageSelector lost on image restartIncorrect FunctionalityDSEIconicListAbstract was only saving selection state for single (not multiple) selection lists.  
6.111/6/20072237Code Mentor tab does not always display correct icon for failuresIncorrect FunctionalityDPROCodeMentorPlugin now perfoms £refreshIcon on UI thread as part of £runLintChecks. Previously, this was being done on background thread before model was necessarily updated with the failing rules.  
6.16/22/20072236Typo in BytecodeRewriter>>testIsZeroIncorrect FunctionalityDCE    
6.16/5/20072235Process>>showWalkback:callStack:debuggable:resumable: has typoIncorrect FunctionalityDCE    
6.15/1/20072231Typo in Pluggable Models documentationCosmeticDCE    
6.13/28/20072226Save Image As can be non-modal if image file already existsIncorrect FunctionalityDCEMade the MessageBox task modal  
6.13/28/20072227ActiveX Control Browser can give exception when opening a new controlIncorrect FunctionalityDCEIanB tracked it down to the ScriptBridge.ScriptBridge.1 component - whatever that is. The problem appears to be that the registry contains a negative value for its ToolboxBitmap32 key (see method below).... 'C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe' '-17' Having the negative value as the Bitmap id seems to cause the crash in Dolphin. Putting a guard test in to display the default icon for negative values resolves (or at least, disguises) the problem for now.  
6.13/27/20072225Missing return in ExternalStructure>>printFieldsOn:limit:System CrashDCEMissing ^self added.  
6.12/14/20072223BinaryPackages with classes that contain "forward" references to subclasses will not file back in correctlyWalkbackDPROIntroduced STBBinaryPackageProxy to ensure that all the class "definitions" are filed out first without their method dictionaries. The methods are filed out subsequently and later restored into the classes on fixup. See the comment for STBBinaryPackageProxy.  
6.11/31/20072215Method Workspace auto (dynamic) parse now reports all errors and warnings reported by the Compiler for the same source, and many moreEnhancementDCE   The auto-parse uses the SmalltalkParser augmented by a simple semantic checker. This parsing identifies all syntax errors that the compiler spots, but not all semantic errors and warnings. This limited the usefulness of the automatic parser, and meant an apparently clean method would generate warnings (and even errors) when Accepted. The semantic checker now reports all errors and warnings that the compiler reports, and adds a number of extra semantic warnings, for example temps that are read before written, written not read, unassigned, etc.
6.11/31/20072220Support Scintilla version 1.75, including new indicatorsEnhancementDCE    
6.112/20/20062218NotSignedCertificate new yield an invalid certificateWalkbackDCEThe problem appears to be that the STB bytes for the not signed certificate (in NotSignedCertificate class>> new) have not been regenerated correctly after we changed the OA private key for Dolphin 6.  
6.111/28/20062216SysLink control gives walkback when link activated by keybaordWalkbackDCEAdd #item (to return self) to LITEM  
6.111/10/20062156GPFault debugging blocks using floatsWalkbackDCEQuite significant problems with the text mapping between debug and release versions of methods. Major compiler mods and changes to the Debugger needed.  
6.111/10/20062206Cannot open debugger from stack overflow walkback (get another stack overflow)WalkbackDCEThe Debugger is now opened by the new main process when the Debug button is pressed in the walkback, rather than by the debugged process itself.  
6.111/10/20062214Warning of unimplemented selectors is now dynamic rather than only on method saveEnhancementDCE    
6.110/20/20062108Error reporting may go into an infinite loop producing an enormous crash dump if there is an error opening message boxIncorrect FunctionalityDCE    
6.110/20/20062210Disassembled output may print string literals containing newlines (breaking debugger source selection) or which are excessively longCosmeticDCE    
6.110/18/20062212MouseEvent>>button: answers wrong button symbol for right-clicksIncorrect FunctionalityDCEFixed by answering #right for RBUTTONxxxx events  
6.110/16/20062207Clone Class refactoring added which creates a duplicate of the selected class at a specified point in the hierarchy and in a specified packageEnhancementDPROClone Class... added to all menus. It uses the CopyClassRefactoring. The new class name, superclass, and package are prompted for using the default view of the CreateSubclassDialog. This does not have the subclasses pane, as these are not needed, although potentially we could create a copy of these too I suppose. There is also a simpler implementation of class copying in SmalltalkSystem for DCE that is at least undoable as a unit (i.e. it uses the RB change objects)This is inspired by Tim Mackinnon's class copying feature in his Intelli-Dolphin package. It differs in being implemented as a full refactoring that has performs the operation more intelligently, and which is undoable/redoable atomically. Note that a drag & drop copy of a class in DPRO will also use this refactoring operation.
6.110/16/20062208Auto-Correct/Declare All Undeclared Temps command added for method workspacesEnhancementDPROSee MethodWorkspace>>declareAllUndeclaredVariablesAsTempsInspired by the "Define All Temps" feature of Tim Mackinnon's Intelli-Dolphin package.
6.110/16/20062211Debugger now steps into methods that return self, a literal constant, or static (global or class) variableEnhancementDCEModified the primitive implementations to look at the stepping flag, and if set fail the primitive. Cost of this should be minimal  
6.110/1/20062201Compiler exception on invalid syntax (use of reserved word for argument to #ifNotNil: block)WalkbackDCEExtended the test on redefining pseudo vars to include block examples for normal blocks, and optimised blocks with args (e.g. ifNotNil: and #to:by:do:)  
6.110/1/20062180Views browser plugin pane should switch to method source when a method is selectedCosmeticDCEI must have fixed this (vaguely remember doing so) as it no longer reproduces  
6.110/1/20062204Automated deployment from script may leave certain development classes in imageCosmeticDCE    
6.110/1/20062205Initial System Folder window sizes are incorrect for Vista (folder has vertical scroll bar)CosmeticDCE    
6.19/30/20062203VM now has a primitive to rapidly calculate instance count and space usage statistics for classesEnhancementDCE    
6.19/28/20062197Lagoon Wizard can't easily be scripted due to final MessageBox requiring user interventionEnhancementDPROAdd #isUnattended flag. This must be set through the advanced/custom properties.Add #isUnattended flag. This must be set through the advanced/custom properties.
6.19/28/20062202Support auto URL detection and link clicked notifications in RichTextEditEnhancementDCEDoes not restore correctly over an image save. This seems to difficult to fix for now.  
6.19/8/20061724A ReadWrite FileStream can get into a tight loop if it contains unflushed data and the stream is resetIncorrect FunctionalityDPROFixed as per Bill's suggestion  
6.19/8/20062164Some category changes not being recorded in the change logIncorrect FunctionalityDCEAlso fix a couple of other cases  
6.19/8/20062175When the Go Search bar has focus in the System Folder the navigation buttons in the tool bar are disabled.Incorrect FunctionalityDCE    
6.19/6/20062198"Smalltalk deepCopy" causes stack overflow walkbackWalkbackDCEFlaw in #deepCopy  
6.19/6/20062199Class comment text colour should be configurable as an option (without code changes)EnhancementDCE    
6.19/5/20062192"Object class DNU #methodFor:" walkback from Package Browser/Browse/Unimplemented Messages command in DCEWalkbackDCE    
6.19/5/20062137Editing experience is poor with multi-byte charactersIncorrect FunctionalityDCERequires verification that this does not break in locales other than 1252 and 949.  
6.19/5/20062167Tight loops may prevent higher priority processes from runningIncorrect FunctionalityDCE    
6.19/5/20062193ShlwapiLibrary>>patchCompactPathEx:etc has incorrect return typeIncorrect FunctionalityDCERegenerate all manually coded ShlwapiLibrary methods from Win32 type library  
6.19/5/20062187Debugger fails to step into methods that just get or set an instance variableCosmeticDCE    
6.19/5/20062189Debugger "Implement In" steps over accessor methods it createsCosmeticDCE    
6.19/5/20062194Checkbox with null backbrush does not draw correctly (has black background)CosmeticDCEUse PaintThemeParentBackground APIThis fix works around a bug in Windows XP when themes are enabled.
6.19/5/2006400Support drag&drop of files from Windows explorerEnhancementDCE    
6.19/5/20062186Dolphin no longer supports application creation for Win98/ME OSEnhancementDCE    
6.19/5/20062191ShellLibrary repackaged from base system to "Windows Shell" packageEnhancementDCE   ShellLibrary was only present in the base system because of some references for icons. These now refer to the DLL through an ExternalResourceLibrary instance, and ShellLibrary now lives in the "Windows Shell" package where it belongs. If you have any references to ShellLibrary then your applications will now be dependent on the "Windows Shell" package (if they weren't before).
6.18/10/20062182RadioButtonSetPresenter>>enableAll does not workIncorrect FunctionalityDCE    
6.18/10/20062184Class Comment Plugin ignores word wrap option settingIncorrect FunctionalityDCE    
6.18/10/20062183"Confirm" message boxes fail to display icons on VistaCosmeticDCE    
6.18/10/20062185Standard system Icon instance creation methods use hard code integer constants rather than symbolic IDI_xxxx constantsCosmeticDCE    
6.18/10/20062158PAI on Set always shows every item, unlike other "paging" mechanism used for other types of collection when largeEnhancementDCE    
6.18/7/20061472Install package causes infinite recursion in PB if as yet uninstalled prereqs share no common rootWalkbackDCEWhen there is no common root, then all packages are shown, not just those under $.  
6.18/7/20062165'Implement In' refactoring/auto-correction fails if self/super/thisContext passed as argumentsIncorrect FunctionalityDCE    
6.18/7/20062173Syntax highlighting causes walkback on user typing/displaying float that is too large to scanIncorrect FunctionalityDCE   See also #1726
6.18/7/20062027SystemBrowser opened from MethodExplorer is not positioned at selected methodCosmeticDPRO    
6.18/7/20062147Inspector on IDispatch should not display "restricted" properties (such as _NewEnum) as published aspectsCosmeticDCE    
6.18/7/20062168RadioButtonSetPresenter class comment is misleading (does not trigger separate selection event)CosmeticDCE    
6.18/7/20062169Debugger should set initial focus to the source paneCosmeticDCE    
6.18/7/20062170Method Explorer should set initial focus to the source paneCosmeticDCE    
6.18/7/20062178Package Browser does not prompt to save changes to package commentCosmeticDCE    
6.18/7/20062163Would be useful to control the caret color in workspacesEnhancementDCEAdded #defaultCaretColor to SmalltalkWorkspace class and SmallltalkWorkspaceDocumentt classs.  
6.18/7/20062166Make Date>>evaluateYYMMDD: publicEnhancementDCEAlso improved class comment and method comments in the two methods Steve refers to.  
6.18/7/20062172New class browsers should set initial focus intelligently depending on initial selectionEnhancementDCE    
6.18/7/20062174ActiveX Component Wizard and Active-X Control Browser are now only available in Dolphin ProfessionalEnhancementDCE    
6.18/7/20062176CRTLibrary>>spawnForOutput:[args:] should be removedEnhancementDCE    
6.18/7/20062179Test Browser class should be configurableEnhancementDCE#2179  
6.18/7/20062181Add option to allow info-tips in method browsers to be disabledEnhancementDCE    
6.18/4/20061726Entering a literal integer as 2e0111111 appears to hangIncorrect FunctionalityDCEThe styling scanner (SmalltalkStylingScanner) now uses special number scanning code that does not calculate the actual value of the numbers in the source. This avoids potentially very expensive computations such as calculating very very large integers such as 2e01111111. Of course if you actually attempt to compile a method containing such a very large literal integer, then the system will still have to compute the value and it will take a very long time. This change is more to guard against typos causing the system to grind to a halt (in this case the user probably mean't to type 2.0e1111111)The styling scanner now uses special number scanning code that does not calculate the actual value of the numbers in the source. This avoids potentially very expensive computations such as calculating very very large integers such as 2e01111111. Of course if you actually attempt to compile a method containing such a very large literal integer, then the system will still have to compute the value and it will take a very long time. This change is more to guard against typos causing the system to grind to a halt (in this case the user probably mean't to type 2.0e1111111). See also #2173
6.16/20/20062157ListView no longer displays nil items (text and image always blank regardless of text/image block settings)Incorrect FunctionalityDCECaused by change to way request for "stale" row is detected (refactoring to avoid full block was not a true refactoring). Added ListViewText>>testNilRow  
6.16/12/20062154RichTextEdit>>color: causes Integer DNU #asColorRef walkbackWalkbackDCERemove #asParameter from RichTextEdit>>color:  
6.16/3/20062152Fraction>>asFloat can overflowIncorrect FunctionalityDCE    
6.16/3/20062153LargeInteger>>asFloat may not round to nearest fp value due to accumulation of rounding errorsIncorrect FunctionalityDCE    
6.15/27/20062087Dolphin does not play well inside some virtaul desktop managers (e.g. MSVDM)Incorrect FunctionalityDCERather than use the "no visible windows" mechanism for panic, reset the system launcher explicitly from the panic command. Leave the "no visible windows" reset in place, but make it optional, and turn it off by default.  
6.15/27/20062144Methods with selectors containing ! (bang) character do not file out correctly.Incorrect FunctionalityDCEProblem in filing out of method categories only - the selector is assumed not to contain ! characters.  
6.15/27/20062145Remove a method required by a supported protocol no longer generates a warning promptCosmeticDCE    
6.15/27/20062146Add Ctrl+F4 accelerator key sequence to close current tab in IdeaSpaceEnhancementDPRO    
6.15/14/20062139In Code Mentor HTML report for lint rule failure make the rule name a link to open browser on all failed methodsEnhancementDPRO    
6.15/14/20062142Write package load warnings to transcript as well as showing message boxes to make it easier to follow up and correct after loadEnhancementDCE    
6.15/10/20062140SmalltalkScanner accepts many characters as valid letters in identifiers that are not part of the ANSI Smalltalk lexiconIncorrect FunctionalityDCE   This should not affect existing code, because the actual Dolphin compiler enforces the ANSI lexicon more strictly already
6.15/10/20062141Add virtual method category that includes only those methods which send unimplemented messagesEnhancementDCE   See '*-sends unimplemented message'. This uses the table of implemented selectors maintained by the development system model (SmalltalkSystem subinstance).
6.15/2/20062136ToolbarIconButton has a #publishedAspectsOfInstances method on the instance sideCosmeticDCERemoved and added PublishedAspectInspectorTest>>testPublishedAspectsOfInstancesOnClassSide  
6.14/20/20061983Incorrect cascaded message send causes walkback.WalkbackDPROIncorrect error recovery in parser on missing message after cascade.  
6.14/20/20062135Saving new method in class or system browser with no class selected causes nil DNU #includesSelector: walkbackWalkbackDCE    
6.14/20/20062045Auto-complete always offers instance side selectors for self/super send regardless of whether on class/instance side in the browser.Incorrect FunctionalityDPROAlways use #parseContext , except when in debugger as then have actual receiver available.  
6.14/20/20062088Dolphin deployed apps disappear when run under MSVDMIncorrect FunctionalityDPROThis is not really a bug. The applications are not crashing, but rather just exiting cleanly. It happens because the default runtime session manager behaviour is to shut down when it is detected that there are no visible windows, so if a virtual deskop manager induces this application state then the application will shutdown. See release notes for actionThis is not really a bug. The applications are not crashing, but rather just exiting cleanly. It happens because the default runtime session manager behaviour is to shut down when it is detected that there are no visible windows, so if a virtual deskop manager induces this application state then the application will shutdown. If you do not want your applications to do this, then you should override SessionManager>>keepAlive to do nothing, and then explicitly terminate your application when the main window is closed. This is, in any case, a recommended practice for any real application. To make this easier the default SessionManager keepAlive code has been altered so that it will only shutdown if the #mainShellClass answers false from its class-side implementation of #shutdownOnExit. The default implementation in Shell answers false (for backwards compatibility). In addition Shell now overrides #onViewDestroyed to shutdown a runtime session if the class-side implementation of #shutdownOnExit answers true. In practice this means that you need only override #shutdownOnExit (to answer true) in the main shell presenter of your application in order to get the preferred explicit shutdown behaviour.
6.14/20/20061858Can't resize the class pane of the browser when there are unpinned slideys.CosmeticDPROAdded ProportionalLayoutTest>>testSplitterVisibility  
6.14/20/20062026Menu shortcut keys non-op in freshly opened IdeaSpaceCosmeticDCE    
6.14/20/20062113ListView horizontal scrollbar may flicker into view when resizing an LV with auto-resize columns and 'show contents while dragging' windows settingCosmeticDCENeed to resize auto-sizing columns on receipt of notification that the view has been repositioned, before forwarding that notification to the ListView, in order to prevent flicker. This means the column resize cannot be done during layout.  
6.14/20/20061168Browse Local [Definitions|References] should be relative to selected class, not implementing classEnhancementDCEUse "parentPresenter parseContext" to get the selected class, rather than the class of the selected method.  
6.14/19/20062131Some Process primitive methods access primitive failure code incorrectly giving incorrect error reportingIncorrect FunctionalityDCE    
6.14/19/20062132Rectangle>>areasOutside: incorrect for non-intersecting rectangles that touch.Incorrect FunctionalityDCEAdded RectangleTest>>testAreasOutside  
6.14/19/20062133VM trace messages in debug output when deploying applications and running themCosmeticDCE    
6.14/19/20062134Menus cause arbitrary delay of deferred actionsEnhancementDCE   Note that this enhancement adds a new mechanism that synchronises deferred actions through the Windows message queue. This does not replace the existing deferred action mechanism as it has slightly different semantics and would amount to a breaking change which would be somewhat inappropriate in a minor release. You can use it like this: [<do something>] postToMessageQueue Any such blocks will be evaluated by the main UI process immediately after the last message in the Windows queue at the time the block is "posted". This differs from the old mechanism in which deferred blocks are evaluated only when the Windows message queue is completely empty.
6.14/16/20062086File class>>temporaryFilename method comment is incorrect (temp file is in temp dir, not current dir) and should mention that it actually creates a temporary fileCosmeticDCE    
6.14/16/20062124Support Scintilla translucent indicatorsEnhancementDCEPartial support only - built against the latest version. No real advantage taken of new features yet though.  
6.14/15/20062102Debugger still resumes process after accepting prompt to save changesIncorrect FunctionalityDCEAlso prompt to save changes on Debug/Run (to next breakpoint)Also prompt to save changes on Debug/Run
6.14/15/20062126MethodExplorer flickers a lot more than other browsers when resizedCosmeticDCEModified both MethodExplorerShell and MethodBrowser views (later has a wizard card container because of the special text view used when there are no methods, and that needs to inherit the backcolor to prevent flicker)  
6.14/14/20062117#replaceIdentity:with: does not work correctly for StringsIncorrect FunctionalityDCEAdded ArrayedCollectionTest>>testReplaceIdentityWith. Fix is to use correct message from existing implementaton in ArrayedCollection so also works for strings.  
6.14/14/20062118Prompt to rename accessors when renaming an inst var using in-place edit leaves focus in the ListView's edit boxIncorrect FunctionalityDCE    
6.14/14/20062016Can't delete top-level view in View ComposerCosmeticDCE    
6.14/14/20062096Home key non-op in Smalltalk "Go Search" boxCosmeticDCE    
6.14/14/20062098Object>>isMutable: method comment incorrectly states that only indexable slots are immutableCosmeticDCE    
6.14/14/20062101Abbreviations should cancel the auto-completion listCosmeticDCECancel as first step in #expandAbbreviation  
6.14/14/20062114Sliding card tray may not redraw correctly when sized with 'show window contents while dragging' disabledCosmeticDCEFixed as per Steve's suggestion - this seems the right thing to do after investigating  
6.14/14/20062119Signals raised with #signal answer nil to #messageText and display as "An unknown Notification"CosmeticDCE    
6.14/14/20062123Package Browser caption does not update to show current STS version of a packageCosmeticDCE    
6.14/14/20062103Middle-button click on tab in IdeaSpace could close tab as in other common tabbed applicationsEnhancementDCE    
6.14/14/20062120Go Search for a symbol only shows definitions of the message, not referencesEnhancementDCE    
6.14/14/20062122Eliminate use of STBSingletonProxy from FramingCalculations, SearchPolicy singletons, FileLocator singletons, and ExternalLibrary classes.EnhancementDCE    
6.14/13/20062028FramingLayout may not stabilise if edge fixed to itselfCosmeticDPROThis is hardly surprising. Setting an edge to be offset from itself creates an infinite recursion! It should not be possible to set an edge to be positioned relative to itself. Fix is to remove this as a choice in the VC, and modify the accessors to check that a foolish choice is not made. Added FramingLayoutTest>>testCircularEdgeConstraint