Air Traffic Control Game and Tutorial Video Now Ready

As you may know, we launched the Dolphin video library about a month ago with the start of a series of in-depth screencast videos showing how to use Dolphin Smalltalk to build an animated game. Well, I've just released the final two parts to this series and also included the source files for download.

I've continued with the "stream of consciousness" approach, which means that the total length of all the programmes is rather long. However, I hope you'll find that, if you can stick through them, they give a good insight into what programming in Dolphin and MVP is all about. Basically, you're going to have to choose between watching "Quantum of Solace" or brushing up on your Smalltalk programming skills. Shurely(sic) no contest?

The 4 parts of the programme can be found in the video library here.

You can also download the completed example package of Dolphin source code from the same pages. However, if you don't want to load them into Dolphin, but would rather just play the game, you can download the final Windows executable file, which should be just click and go. Here's what it looks like when running:

You may also notice that we've upgraded the Object Arts, "Swimming Against the Tide" blog to include the ability to leave comments (powered by a rather nice third part plug-in called Intense Debate). Hopefully, this should help make the blog a more entertaining place to be. In future, we'll probably use it for announcements (such as those for DNG) that we'd otherwise post to the newsgroup, so I'd encourage you to subscribe your RSS reader if you're likely to be interested in such things.